• Mural on the side of a building and above windows with a little girl sleeping in a bed, a tooth fairy holding a wand, and a moon with a face looking down
  • Artwork of a multi colored hand with a white string tied around the 1st finger
  • Mural of a gated entryway leading to a garden with trees, flowers, a bench, and small statues
  • Mural of a cartoonish underwater scene, featuring fish, a scuba diver, coral, a shark, and octopus, and a guy in a boat on top with a fishing pole
  • Painting of a an angel holding a staff
  • Several small paintings on the windows and walls of a building, including a painting of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and different people and faces in different settings
  • Mural on an alley shed depicting cats sitting on a fence and trash cans under a starry sky

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