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Demolition Permit Application

  2. Permit Fee: $65.00
  3. Application fee will be collected upon acceptance of your application. This is not the demolition permit. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for review of the application and the demolition permit to be processed
  6. Structure Information*
  7. *Sewer and Water services MUST be disconnected and inspected before hole is filled. *Safety measures shall be in during duration of demolition.
  8. The permit holder shall give notice to all public utilities affected and shall take all proper precautions to avoid damage to any such utility or to the City of Le Mars. The permit holder understands that disconnected water and sanitary sewer service lines must be properly plugged, capped or removed and inspected by the Water Superintendent and the Wastewater Superintendent and/or the Assistant Wastewater Superintendent. The City of Le Mars requires that all debris including foundation walls, footings and basement floors be removed before the hole is filled.
  9. I have reviewed the permit application packet and attest that the above information is correct
  10. Electronic Signature Agreement
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  11. Water Department: 546-5555 Wastewater Department: 546-5003
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