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Moving Permit Application

  2. Regulations & Fees
    A fee of $65 will be collected upon acceptance. Structures less than 100 square feet are exempt. Additional fees will be applied for police, public works, or any city department assistance. If the structure's proposed location is within the city limits, a building permit may also be required and shall be applied for at the same time as the moving permit. This is not the moving permit. Please allow 7 business days for review of this application and teh moving permit to be processed.
  3. Certificate of Insurance*
  4. $500,000 Bond*
  5. The permit holder shall give notice to all public utilities affected and shall take all proper precautions to avoid damage to any such utility or to the city of Le Mars. The permit holder takes responsibility for the trimming of any trees that need be and for the notification and coordination with all property owners along the route. The permit holder understands that disconnected water and sanitary sewer lines must be properly plugged, capped or removed and inspected by the Water Superintendent and/or the Wastewater Superintendent or Assistant Wastewater Superintendent.
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