Field Services

All houses have a water meter that must be protected by the homeowner. If neglect has been determined to cause damage to the meter, the business or homeowner will be responsible for the cost to repair or replace the meter.
Iowa One Call. Call Before You Dig! 1-800-292-8989. Notification service for locating underground f
All irrigation systems and cross connections to the water system must have a backflow prevention assembly installed. This assembly must be tested annually and test reports must be on file at the LeMars Water Department Office at 1298 18th Street Southwest.

Many times leaks occur in the plumbing of the customer's home. These leaks can be very costly and waste large quantities of water in a short period of time. If you think you have a leak or hear water running and need assistance, call the LeMars Water Department at 712-546-5555 and we will check for leaks and try to determine the cause for you. A service fee will be charged.

Water Service Lines
Business and home owners are responsibility for keeping their service line in good condition from the main line to the water meter. This includes (but is not limited to) corporations. Saddles curb boxes and service shut-off valves are owned by the business and home owner and must be kept in good working order. If damage to city mains caused by owners leads to tap or service due to work being done, the owner is responsible for repairs. This includes electrolysis from electrical grounding to water service.

Water Quality
The LeMars Water Department tries to keep discolored water from going into your home, if you are experiencing discolored water, please call us at 712-546-5555 to have a service tech check this problem out.

Iowa One Call
The LeMars Water Department is a member of the Iowa One Call system. Before digging in your yard or in the parking along your street, please call Iowa One Call to make sure that there are no buried cables or pipes. The toll free number is 800-292-8989. The city is responsible for locating only city services. Private service lines are the responsibility of the One Call ticket owner calling it in.

Meter Reading
Water meters are read every month. Bills are sent out on or before the 21st of every month. There are 4,250 meters to be read monthly.