What Can Be Recycled

You will be amazed at everything that is recyclable! Look for the recycle symbol.


1)  Place all recyclable items in blue recycling totes "separated and loose" - do not secure several items in non-recyclable plastic bags!

2)  Shredded paper is acceptable; however, should be placed in a blue recycle bag outside of Tote!

3)  Blue recycle bags are acceptable and may be picked up separately or placed "next to" the blue recycle tote.
Examples of Recyclables on a Table in City Hall
Recycling Note

Extra Trash & Recycling

Additional residential trash and recycling may be picked up for an additional fee of $10 by contacting Van’s Sanitation. The fee will be included on your monthly City billing statement.  Recycling Bins for excess cardboard and recycling are located in the parking lot behind Fire Station #1 on 1st Avenue SW.

  • Cardboard
    • Beverage Boxes
    • Cereal Boxes
    • Food Boxes Without Food Stains (E.g. Hamburger Helper Box, Cake Box, Pizza Box)
    • Laundry Soap Box
    • Shoe Boxes
    • Tissue Boxes
  • Paper
    • Computer Paper
    • Dry and Clean Newspapers
    • Holiday Wrapping Paper
    • Junk Mail
    • Magazines
    • Mixed Paper
    • Shredded Paper (place in blue bag only)

  • Plastic
    • Rinsed Plastics With Lids Removed 
    • Clear and Colored Plastics With #1,2,3,4,5, 6, or 7 Stamped On Bottom
    • Food and Beverage Containers
    • Household Cleaning Bottles
    • Milk and Soap Jugs
  • Tin Cans  
    • Caps 
    • Empty and Rinsed
    • Foil
    • Food and Beverage Cans
    • Food Spray in a Can (E.g. Pam)
    • Hair Spray Cans
    • Label Left On Is OK
    • Lids
  • Not Allowed in Recycle Totes

    • NO GLASS
    • NO PLASTIC BAGS/SHOPPING BAGS/GARBAGE BAGS (blue or clear recycle bags are acceptable - but we do prefer recyclables to be loose in the totes)
Materials do not need to be separated and a plastic bag is not required when using the blue recycle tote. There is no need to remove labels or bands from cans and bottles. Clean only enough to prevent odors.

Businesses & Rural Households

Businesses and rural households can place recyclable materials in recycling dumpsters at the following locations: Rural Households can place recyclable materials in Recycling Dumpsters at the following locations:
  • Brunsville – SE of Elevator
  • Craig – NW of Town Hall
  • Kingsley – Between Hardware and Grocery Store
  • Le Mars – Plymouth County Civil Defense Building and/or Parking Lot behind Fire Station No. 1
  • Merrill – West of Fire Station
  • Oyens – West of Post Office
  • Struble – Maintenance Shed
  • Westfield – West of Post Office